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Thanks Lighting Four advantages


More Power

Thanks Lighting is a set design, production and sales in one of the production-oriented lighting source manufacturers.

The company has advanced equipment and production lines, product selection of high-quality raw materials, independent design and production sales, quality assurance, The price is more favorable.


High product safety factor

Advanced technology to create quality, safe and reliable!

Product is not strobe, not dazzling, cold-driven buck current limiting technology, to eliminate the over-current short-circuit, the elimination of fire hazards, anti-instantaneous high-frequency impact technology, rich open stability, the service life of up to 30,000 hours.


More Scientific management

Has a wealth of production management experience, excellent team!

The establishment of strict rules and regulations, improve the quality of management personnel, promote the scientific internal management, regularly send professional patrol, strengthen management.

Service More assured


Perfect after-sales service for you to solve problems!

Lighting light source related knowledge dissemination, 24-hour service telephone, problem consultation at any time response to provide customers with perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sale service.

Use Thanksgiving heart to do the lamp!

National Service Hotline


Zhongshan city thanks lighting, focusing on high quality LED light source. It is a set design, production, sales in one of production type of solid lighting manufacturers. We always have a grateful heart-human, to be a person,do things,do LED light source! The busness philosophy of the company:to pursue the well-being of all colleagues and to make due contributions to the development of human society.We strive to create a brand enterprise with comprehensive strength in the lighting industry at home and abroad, and take the lead in the industry.

Production Workshop

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